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Micro Robots as a Team

What kind of thing comes to life in your imagination as a robot? For example, my son ‘s mind is Transformers, my wife’ s mind is the kitchen robot. I think much smaller things.
A group of researchers at Stanford University are working on robots capable of carrying thousands of solid loads of their own weight. How Does? By copying to solve some problems that seem quite complex. Did I tell you that these researchers are biomimetic specialists? “Biomimetics” or “Biology” and “Imitation.” What they do is to solve the complex problems of humanity by examining the models and systems in the nature. The problem that we need to solve in our example is to be able to carry thousands of solid loads of our own weight. Is there an example in nature that we can imitate? There is a table! They are ants from my favorite animals.

Scientists love to study abdomen. Because ants can hold 100 times their weight. More importantly, it can work as a team. Scientists love the lizards too. Especially on your fingers. The tiny robots they have developed by studying their fingers are now able to carry hundreds of their own weight. Can these small robots be run in teams just like ants? If they are designed as ants, why not? Research at Stanford University has proved that micro-robots can carry loads well above their own weight, especially in very long, very slow and unobstructed environments. For example, the total weight of the six robots is 100 gr. If the weight of your car is 1800 kg. So he can pull an object that is 18000 times heavier than himself.

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